Patsy Flaherty

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Patsy Flaherty
Patrick Joseph Flaherty
Bat/Throw: L/L
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 165
Born: 1876-6-29 at Mansfield, PA (US)
Died: 1968-1-23 at Alexandria, LA (US)
Interred: Alexandria National Cemetery in Pineville, LA (US)
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Patsy Flaherty was a professional player and manager.


Casey Stengel on Patsy Flaherty: "He took no windup and you never knew when he was going to throw the ball. A master of quick pitches. There was no rule forcing pitchers to come to a full stop. Patsy picks up the ball and you hear the umpire holler strike. The quick no-windup pitch is called a Patsy Flaherty. As I was digging in I had no idea the man was ready to pitch."[1]


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