Clay Hopper

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Clay Hopper
Robert Clay Hopper
Bat/Throw: R/R
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 178
Born: 1900-10-3 at Porterville, MS (US)
Died: 1976-4-?
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Clay Hopper was a professional player and manager.





  • Resided in Greenwood, Mississippi in 1952 and 1953.
  • Self-identified as being of Scottish-Irish ancestry.
  • Was married and has two children Jimmy age 23 and Janice age 19.
  • Was a player-manager a good many years before retiring to the dugout to mastermind.

Pre-professional career

  • Attended Mississippi A & M.
  • Was a football and baseball star at Mississippi A & M.


  • Had a .330 batting average for his career.
  • Was named Minor League Manager of the Year in 1946 after leading Montreal to the pennant, the Governor's Cup and the Junior World Series.
  • Was named "Manager of The Year" in 1952 by the Pacific Coast League Baseball Writers Association.

Outside of baseball

  • Was a cotton merchant during the off-season in 1952.

Contract signing

  • Was signed by Portland at the National Association meeting in December, 1951.

Career notes

  • Out of baseball in 1943 and 1944.


  • 1952 Pacific Coast League Thumbnail Sketches.
  • 1953 Pacific Coast League Sketch Book.

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