Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
BASEBALL MEMORIES 1930-1939, Marc Okkonen 1994 152 John J. McGraw, VP/Field Mgr. 1930-32, VP 1933-34 Civvies (as Exec.) Head Shot
Brace Photo Giants
FIELD OF SCREAMS, Richard Scheinin 1994 73 Meet John McGraw .... Giants Throwing action
McGRAW OF NEW YORK, Frank Graham 1944 58A McGraw in 1912 New York NL Upper body pose
Library of Congress http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/ggbain.13535 1914 John McGraw at Polo Grounds, NY New York NL Head & shoulders
Library of Congress http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/ggbain.34093 1922 John McGraw New York NL Full length pose in dugout
JOHN McGRAW, Charles C. Alexander 1988 182b John McGraw, 1899. Civvies (as Mgr.) Head & upper chest
Baseball Memories: 1900-1909, Marc Okkonen 1992 79 John McGraw, 1901-mid 1902 Civvies (as Mgr.) Head & upper chest
The National League: An Illustrated History, Donald Honig 1983 96 John McGraw in 1922. New York NL (as Mgr.) Head shot