Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
Brace Photo Cleveland AL
Library of Congress http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/ammemhome.html 2003 Panoramic Cleveland Baseball Team, 1916 Cleveland AL Team
http://www.thedeadballera.com/Cards/Cards_C/CoumbeFred_card.html 2004 Fred Coumbe 1916 E135 CM card Cleveland AL Pitching action
http://www.starsofthediamond.com/22zeecoumbepair.JPG 1922 Zeenut PCL 1922 Zeenut Series 1922 - Coumbe S.F. San Francisco m.l. Throwing action - full length view
http://www.starsofthediamond.com/23zeecoumbe.JPG 1923 Zeenut PCL 1923 Zeenut Series 1923 - Coumbe Salt Lake Salt Lake City m.l. Throwing action - full length view
BASEBALL VISIONS OF THE ROARING TWENTIES, George Outland 2009 101 88. Fred 'Fritz' Coumbe Salt Lake City m.l. Full length pose with bat