Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
Brace Photo Boston AL
BASEBALL MEMORIES 1900-1909, Marc Okkonen 1992 125 Charles Hall Cincinnati NL Upper body pose
Lefty Blasco Collection (Red Sox composite from newspaper) Oct. 8, 1912 Hall Pitcher Boston AL Head shot
THE AMERICAN LEAGUE: An Illustrated History, Donald Honig 1983 72 Charley ("Sea Lion") Hall pitched for the .... Boston AL Throwing action
Cincinnati Enquirer Jun. 9, 1912 Pitcher Charley Hall Cincinnati NL (capless) Head & upper chest
RED SOX THREADS, Bill Nowlin 2008 89 A fashionable Charley Hall, replete with Red Sox sweater. Boston AL Full length pose
http://www.starsofthediamond.com/24zeehall.JPG 1924 Zeenut PCL 1924 Zeenut Series 1924 - Hall Sacto. Sacramento m.l. Full length pose in stretch