Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
Brace Photo New York NL (coach)
BASEBALL MORE THAN 150 YEARS, D. Nemec & S.Wisnia 1996 72 St. Louis's Arlie Latham.... St. Louis AA Posed throwing
1976 SSPC World's Series 1887 baseball card (Scrapps) 1976 W. A. Latham St. Louis AA Upper body pose
The Beer and Whisky League, David Nemec 1994 120 Arlie Latham personified the 'down & dirty' Browns .... St. Louis Amer. Assn. Full length pose woodcut
The Sporting News Oct. 30, 1886 1 St. Louis Browns - Champions of the World St. Louis Amer. Assn. Woodcut team composite
GREAT ENCYCLOPEDIA OF 19TH CENTURY MLB, David Nemec 1997 399 The Chicago Pirates were the preseason .... Civvies Team collage
http://www.zmotive.com/gallery/album04?page=26 Dec., 2008 1890 Cabinet Stevens of Chicago Latham Civvies Head & shoulders