Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
TSN Conlon Collection #1203 1994 Bob Emslie, 1922 Umpire Head & shoulders
BASEBALL IN BALTIMORE:The First 100 Years, James Bready 1998 41 The last-place 1885 Orioles. Baltimore AA (capless) Team
http://www.baseballhalloffame.ca/inductees.html Oct., 2009 1986 Bob Emslie Civvies Head & shoulders
THE COMPLETE NY CLIPPER BB BIOGRAPHIES, J-P Caillault 2009 219 Robert D. Emslie Civvies Head & shoulders woodcut
BASEBALL'S BACK IN TOWN:FROM THE DON TO THE BLUE JAYS, Louis Cauz 1977 12 The Torontos of 1886 Team composite Civvies