Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
VINTAGE & CLASSIC BB COLLECTOR Issue #27 May/Jun,2001 50 Holyokes of 1879 Holyoke Team
1887 Old Judge (N172) 1887 Gillespie, L.F. N.Y's New York NL Full length pose
THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BB CARDS (vols. 1,2,3), L. Lipset 2004 13-Jan Peter Gillespie, Left Field New York NL Head & shoulders
New York Clipper Sep. 17, 1881 Peter Gillespie Civvies Head shot woodcut
Sports Collectors Digest Apr. 10, 2009 Back cover Gillespie, L.F., N.Y's New York NL Upper body pose
OOTP Baseball http://tinyurl.com/yhh3lqz Apr., 2010 Pete Gillespie Can't ID Upper body pose