Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
Brace Photo Chicago AL
Chicago Daily Journal Aug. 15, 1900 The White Sox BB Team Which Opens Its .... Chicago AL Team
Sports Collectors Digest, Americanmemoribilia.com ad sup Mar. 25, 2005 sup- 59 385. Rare 1915 T214 Victory Frank Smith Chicago AL Upper body action
Chicago Tribune Magazine (Section 10 - BB in Chicago) Jun-20-2004 19 The 1906 world champion.... Chicago AL Team
Lefty Blasco Collection (from a Baltimore newspaper) Apr. 10, 1915 The Players Expectee To Be In Opening Game Baltimore Fed Lg. Head shot (Smith P)
http://www.goodwinandco.com/LotDetail2.aspx?lotid=2868 Nov., 2007 Lot #300: 1911 M116 Sporting Life Frank Smith Chicago AL (capless) Head & upper chest (artwork)
1911 Spalding Guide http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/spaldinghtml/spaldinghome.html 1911 Image 106 F. Smith Boston AL Head shot