Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
GREAT 19th CENTURY ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MLB, D. Nemec 1997 760 Win Mercer was just 19.... Washington NL Team
NBL, Cooperstown Probably in folder marked 'Rochester' Rochester BB Club, 1887 Rochester m.l. Head Shot
1888 Old Judge (N172) 1888 Dugdale, C. Chicago Maroons Chicago m.l. Full length pose
North Little Rock, AR Sports Cards Plus, 3125 JFK Blvd. 05/15/1931 Old Timers Game Washington AL Group of Three
The Sporting News Aug. 10, 1895 1 D. E. Dugdale Civvies Upper body woodcut
RAIN CHECK: BB in the Pacific Northwest (SABR pub.) 2006 16 'An A-1' Catcher .... Washington NL Full length posed catching