Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
1912 Imperial Tobacco (C46) 1912 James Murray Buffalo m.l. (capless) Head & upper chest
Library of Congress http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/ammemhome.html 2003 Panoramic Browns 1911 St. Louis AL Team
NBL, Cooperstown Spalding Guide 1905 46 Toronto BB Team - Eastern League Toronto m.l. (capless) Team Composite (#2)
Old Cardboard Magazine, Issue #12 Summer, 2007 37 James Murray Buffalo m.l. (capless) Head & upper chest
Fla. State Library & Archives http://fpc.dos.state.fl.us/general/n048893.jpg 1913 Major league baseball players at Stetson University (1913) Boston NL Group of 4, seated (2nd from left)
http://www.vintageball.com/files/1908_Offerman_Murray.jpg 1908 James Murray, Right Fielder on the Buffalo Team for 1908 Buffalo m.l. (capless) Head shot