Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
BASEBALL MEMORIES 1930-1939, Marc Okkonen 1994 207 Clark Griffith, President 1930-39 Civvies (President) Upper body pose
BASEBALL MEMORIES 1900-1909, Marc Okkonen 1992 103 Clark Griffith 1901-1902 Chicago AL (capless) (as Mgr.) Head Shot
THE CHICAGO CUBS: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY, D. Honig 1991 14 Clark Griffith (1893-1900) at the beginning.... Civvies Head & shoulders
The Evening Star, Washington, DC Oct. 2, 1924 29 Clark Griffith. When he entered professional.. Bloomington m.l. Posed pitching
REDS IN BLACK & WHITE, Greg Rhodes & Mark Stang 1999 16 Clark Griffith Cincinnati NL Hitting action
Library of Congress http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3b43952 1910 Clark Griffith, manager of Cincinnati National League baseball team.... Cincinnati NL Throwing action - full length view
Baseball Memories: 1900-1909, Marc Okkonen 1992 147 Clark Griffith, pitcher 1903-07 (mgr. 1903-08) New York AL Full Length Pose
Encyclopedia of Baseball Managers, Thomas Aylesworth and Benton Minks 1990 100 Manager Clark Griffith Cincinnati Reds Full length pose at bat
The American League: An Illustrated History, Donald Honig 1983 17 Clark Griffith, a force in the American League Washington Senators (as Mgr.) Head & upper chest