Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
Brace Photo New York AL
2000 CUPS OF COFFEE, Marc Okkonen (unpublished) 2002 draft 28 Carlisle, Walter G. Can't ID (capless) Upper body pose
http://www.oldcardboard.com/o/h/h998/04.jpg 2005 Western Playground Association Carlisle Vernon m.l. Full length pose
Sports Collectors Digest; Goodwin & Co. ad supplement to Oct. 6, 2006 ad - p.41 Lot #224 1910 Obak ... Carlisle Vernon m.l. 2/3 length pose (artwork)
http://tinyurl.com/2ck8cop 1912 Zeenut PCL 1912 Zeenut Series P.C. League - Carlisle Vernon Vernon (CA) m.l. Throwing action - full length view
OOTP Baseball http://tinyurl.com/bwhc9o5 Jun., 2012 Walter Carlisle Vernon m.l. 2/3 length pose