Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
http://www.thedeadballera.com/Photos/Photos_P/PikeLipman_photo.html 2006 Lipman Pike Can't ID (capless) Head shot woodcut
NINETEENTH CENTURY STARS (SABR Pub), Tiemann & Rucker 1989 103 Lipman Emanuel Pike Can't ID Head shot woodcut
SMITHSONIAN BASEBALL, Stephen Wong 2005 19 Baltimore BBC 1893 Civvies Team composite
150 YEARS OF BASEBALL, Stephen Hanks et al. 1989 27 Haymaker Nine For 1871 Troy NA (capless) Team
The Great Encyclopedia of 19th Century Major League Baseball, David Nemec 1997 66 Lip Pike, sprawled far right, with the 1871 Troy Unions. Troy NA (as Mgr.) Team
THE COMPLETE NY CLIPPER BB BIOGRAPHIES, J-P Caillault 2009 527 Lipman E. Pike Can't ID (capless) Head shot woodcut