Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
Brace Photo Chicago NL (coach)
THE FEDERAL LEAGUE OF 1914-15, M. Okkonen, SABR 1989 29 1914 Club - Brooklyn Club Brooklyn FL Team (1914 Club)
NBL, Cooperstown Spalding Guide 1906 224 Paducah - Champions K.I.T. League Civvies Team composite
Mark Fimoff Collection 1911 Spring 1911 Cleveland Team Photo Cleveland AL Team
http://slackjobcards.com/2z19land.jpg 1919 Zeenut PCL 1919 Zeenut Series - Land Seattle Seattle m.l. Posed throwing - full length view
BASEBALL VISIONS OF THE ROARING TWENTIES, George Outland 2009 354 313. Grover Land Cincinnati NL (as coach) Full length pose