Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
BB's FIRST STARS, F. Ivor-Campbell, R.Tiemann, M. Rucker 1996 172 Walter Robert Wilmot Chicago NL Head Shot
1888 Old Judge (N172) 1888 Wilmot, L.F., Washington Washington NL Posed catching ball - full length view
Chicago Tribune April 20, 1890 28 Walter Wilmot Civvies Head (line drawing)
http://www.rainfall.com/posters/baseballcards/17435.htm 1888 Wilmot, L.F., Washington (Old Judge) Washington NL Posed fielding - full length view
THE PHOTOGRAPHIC BB CARDS OF GOODWIN & CO., Miller, Gonsowski & Masson 2008 278 Washington Ball Club, 1888 Washington NL Team