Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
http://www.starsofthediamond.com/11zeewolverton.JPG 1911 Zeenut 1911 Zeenut Series PC League Wolverton Oakland Oakland m.l. Full length pose
CLASSIC BASEBALL CARDS, Frank Slocum (1912 T207) 1987 207-9 Wolverton, New York Am. New York AL Upper body pose
A HISTORY OF BB IN THE S.F. BAY AREA, Giants Yearbook 1985 22 Far right: Frank Farrell.... New York AL Pose
THE NEW YORK YANKEES:An Illustrated History, Don Honig 1981 20 Harry Wolverton managed.... New York AL (as Mgr.) Head shot
The Evening Star, Washington DC Feb. 26, 1912 12 Harry Wolverton, With .... Civvies (as Mgr.) Head Shot
Library of Congress http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/index.html 1912 Harry Wolverton T207 New York AL (as Mgr.) Upper body pose (artwork)
PHILLIES PHOTOS, Mark Stang 2009 10 Harry Wolverton Philadelphia NL (coat) Upper body pose