Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
Public Ledger, Philadelphia Oct. 22, 1929 Seriously Injured Phillies Head Shot
The Sporting News Oct. 31, 1929 7 Another Philly Loss Phillies Head Shot
NBL, Cooperstown Spalding Guide 1922 Waynesboro Club - Blue Ridge Lg Waynesboro m.l. Team
NBL, Cooperstown HOF Photo Collection NA Phillies
THE LYSTONS, Jimmy Keenan 2008 184 First day of Spring training 1921 Baltimore m.l. Group of five
THE LYSTONS, Jimmy Keenan 2008 182 Orioles players on the first day of spring training.... Baltimore m.l. (capless) Team (9th from left)
OOTP Baseball http://tinyurl.com/dy8wl7 Mar., 2009 Walt Lerian Phillies Head shot