Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
1922 American Caramel (reprint) 1991 Will Pertica St. Louis NL Throwing action - full length view
Lefty Blasco Collection (Red Sox team photo) 1918 Red Sox, World's BB Champions for 1918 Boston AL Team
A PORTRAIT OF BB PHOTOGRAPHY, M.Fogel, K. Oser, H.Yee 2005 62 The expert matting ... 1918 Boston Red Sox.. Boston AL Team
ST. LOUIS CARDINALS ENCYCLOPEDIA, B. Broeg & J. Vickery 1998 196 Pertica, William Andrew St. Louis NL Head shot
NBL, Cooperstown Spalding Guide 1919 51 Boston Red Sox - Amer. Lg. & World Champs, 1918 Boston AL Team composite
OOTP Baseball http://tinyurl.com/4me9ty9 Feb., 2011 Bill Pertica St. Louis NL Upper body pose