Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
PO Box 4008, Harrisburg,PA 17111 collectiblesclassicsauctions.com Catalog for 6/26&27/2002 Spring, 2002 11. Chauncey Fisher, George(Paddy) Fox Can't ID Pose
Lew Lipset's McPherson #3 small mounted photo SCD Apr. 26, 2002 116. Another interesting Can't ID Group of Two
Reading (PA) newspaper Apr. 30, 1900 George B. Fox, Catcher Civvies Head shot woodcut
Reading Public Library Reading (PA) Eagle Apr. 15, 1894 3 Apr. 15, 1894 Civvies Head shot woodcut
http://www.vintageball.com/files/1890_Fox_Fischer.jpg 1890 Paddy Fox, Chauncey Fisher Can't ID (M on light uniform) Full length pose (group of 2)
Nigel Ayres Collection Mar., 2009 1894 Reading Team Cabinet Photo Reading, PA m.l. (capless) Team
Pottstown (PA) News Sep. 27, 1927 Conquerors of Athletics In 1891 Pottstown town team Team
BASEBALL IN READING, Charles J. Adams III 2003 14 An 1894 Team. Reading, PA m.l. (capless) Team