Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
VINTAGE & CLASSIC BB COLLECTOR Issue #35 Apr. 2003 68 Van Haltren Pitcher Cubs Action (drawn)
Brace Photo Cubs
A HISTORY OF BB IN THE S.F. BAY AREA, Giants Yearbook 1985 16 Left: Although an outfielder Can't ID Pose
BASEBALL MORE THAN 150 YEARS, D. Nemec & S.Wisnia 1996 82 George Van Haltren .... Giants Batting action
THE ULTIMATE BASEBALL BOOK, D.Okrent & H.Levine 1988 35 Bottom (L) George Van Haltren, a fine hitter but a managerial flop Civvies (as Mgr.) Head shot
Gale Digital Collections Atchison (KS) Daily Globe Jul. 11, 1898 3 Van Haltren New York NL (capless) Head shot drawing