Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
The Sporting News Research Dept. Photo File
Lefty Blasco Collection (Des Moines Register article) 1920? Tallest Hurler a Red Sox Rookie Boston AL Group of 2 standing
NBL, Cooperstown Reach Guide 1925 294 Seattle Club - Pacific Coast League Seattle m.l. Team
OOTP Baseball http://tinyurl.com/dgdlas Apr., 2009 Cliff Brady Can't ID Head & upper chest
http://www.starsofthediamond.com/27zeebrady.JPG 1927 Zeenut PCL 1927 27 Zeenut Series - Brady Seattle Seattle m.l. Posed swinging - full length view
http://slackjobcards.com/2z25brady.jpg 1925 Zeenut PCL 1925 Zeenut Series 1925 - Brady Seattle Seattle m.l. Throwing action - full length view