Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
BASEBALL MEMORIES 1930-1939, Marc Okkonen 1994 107 Burleigh Grimes Chicago NL Throwing action - full length view
BASEBALL MEMORIES 1930-1939, Marc Okkonen 1994 187 Burleigh Grimes Pittsburgh NL Upper body pose
Brace Photo Brooklyn NL
WHO'S WHO IN BB HISTORY, Lloyd Johnson & B. Ward 1994 169 Burleigh Grimes Chicago NL Head & shoulders view, readying the spitter
Baseball: The Illustrated History of America's Game, Donald Honig 1990 142 Dodgers manager Burleigh Grimes, coach Babe Ruth,.... Brooklyn Dodgers Full length pose, seated (group of 3)
1915 Spalding Guide http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/spaldinghtml/spaldinghome.html 1915 Image 247 Grimes, Richmond, Leading Batter (sic) Richmond m.l. Head shot
CARDINALS COLLECTION, Mark Stang 2003 52 Burleigh Grimes St. Louis NL 2/3 length pose
THE CHICAGO CUBS: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY, D. Honig 1991 99 One of the great pitchers .... Chicago NL Head shot