Location Source Date Page Caption Uniform Type
Ottawa Journal May-18-2015 Ottawa Senators 1915 Ottawa m.l. Team
Ottawa Journal Apr. 25, 1912 4 Ottawa m.l. Group of Three
Ottawa Citizen May-15-2013 8 or 9 Ottawa m.l.
BB's FABULOUS MONTREAL ROYALS, Wm. Brown 1996 39 Frank Shaughnessy (mgr.) Montreal m.l. Pose
The Sporting News Feb. 16, 1933 8 Frank Shaughnessy Civvies (as Gen. Mgr.) Posed writing at desk
Sports Collectors Digest, memorylaneinc.com ad suppl. Dec. 1, 2006 ad-32 Lot 117 T206 Shag Shaughnessy Roanoke m.l. (capless) Upper body pose (artwork)
BASEBALL: A PICTORIAL TRIBUTE, Lloyd Johnson 1995 58 Frank Shaughnessy looked like a player in 1904. Can't ID (minor lg.?) Head shot
http://www.vintageball.com/files/1908_Reading.jpg 1908 Reading Tri-State Base Ball Team, 1908 Reading, PA m.l. Team